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The Secret to Sourcing AI Talent

Wednesday, October 25th, 11 AM -12 PM EDT
Want to build with AI but struggling to find the right talent? You're not alone.

The race for AI talent is fierce, and traditional hiring methods just aren't cutting it anymore. But what if we told you that the secret to sourcing top AI talent is already out there, and companies like Inflection AI, Walmart, Airbnb, and McGraw Hill are already leveraging it?

Join us on October 25th as we dive into the game-changing approach that's revolutionizing how companies build with AI.

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Our Speakers

eric soloman
Eric Solomon, Founder & CEO at The Human OS

Former marketing exec at Bonobos, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Google.

halit erdogan
Halit Erdogan, Founder & CEO at Neural Bridge

Spent 10+ years building AI-first infrastructures and Language Model / NLP applications at Google.

nicole hedley
Nicole Hedley, AI Architect in A.Team Network

Ex-AppNexus, Pinterest and leading AI expert