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Data Safety in the Age of AI

Thursday, September 21st, 11AM-12PM EDT

The explosion of generative AI tools promises to unlock vast reserves of unstructured data. But with this massive opportunity comes a snarl of thorny data safety problems. How can we navigate this complex intersection and keep innovating?

Join us for the 'Data Safety in the Age of AI' webinar, a deep dive into this topic featuring three perspectives.

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Not your typical panel discussion.

We'll challenge the panelists to dig deep on the biggest data questions of the day:

  • The innovative use of synthetic data to navigate privacy concerns.
  • The real-world legal challenges and adaptations in the face of evolving AI and data regulations.
  • Practical strategies to strike a balance between compliance and innovation.

Join us as we break down these questions, offering new ways of understanding them and supplying practical strategies for ushering in a new era of data-driven innovation.

Our Speakers

Michael Rispin
Michael Rispin, Director, Associate General Counsel at Sprout Social

Brings a wealth of legal expertise from the frontlines of a leading social media management platform.

Ander Steele
Ander Steele, Data Scientist and Head of AI at Tonic.AI

A pioneer in synthetic data, offering a fresh perspective on data privacy in the AI era.

Anjana Harve
Anjana Harve, Seasoned Global Chief Digital & Information Officer

Laser-focused on data quality, reliability, and risk management from the perspective of the enterprise.